Let us custom design your surveillance system.

Pinnacle Protection has the proven experience and expertise to design and install all types of commercial security alarm systems. We've been serving West Texas businesses for nearly two decades.

You can rest assured that our systems will protect your hard-won business assets, and that you have the best options when it comes to securing your business:

Proven Brands

Dependable Service
Cutting-edge Technology

Remarkable Remote Options
Security camera with monitor.


Reduce Product Loss

Help reduce theft and keep your products where they should be - in your line of revenue.

Secure Your Assets

Protect your business with top-notch surveillance - see what's happening (or not happening) at any time.

Increase Your Business Well-being

Better security can naturally lead to a better bottom line through improved protection and productivity.

The Best Equipment

Business Security Alarm Equipment.

We carry the best equipment available, can secure your business with systems designed for the demands of commercial use and that take advantage of remarkable advances in technology.

In addition, you can have on-demand video surveillance with remote access via your smartphone or other device (such as a tablet or computer).